About Eng Teong & Co. Law Offices


Eng Teong & Co.—also popularly known by the acronym ETCoLaw—is an independent boutique Law Firm located in the Greater Kuala Lumpur (Greater KL) that provides legal advice, consultancy and services related to doing business whether in Malaysia or overseas.

ETCoLaw practise in certain high-value, highly-technical and complex areas, including Cross-Border Trade and Investment, Trade Remedies, Competition & Antitrust Law, Aviation & Space, in addition to Corporate & Commercial Law, including related Employment Law, Tax & Customs. ETCoLaw also advise and represent clients in Corporate & Commercial Litigation and Arbitration, and Administrative Investigations. For more information about ETCoLaw’s Practice Areas and how ETCoLaw may meet your legal requirements, please go to PRACTICE AREAS.

It is ETCoLaw’s objective to provide our clients with sound, practical, industry-relevant and commercially-useful legal advice and solutions.


ETCoLaw’s major strengths are represented by these three words: INNOVATIVE; ANTICIPATIVE; COLLABORATIVE.

ETCoLaw’s attorneys have advised and consulted for foreign and local MNCs, SMEs, individuals, as well as IGOs and INGOs.

ETCoLaw are affiliated with a number of bilateral trade councils, trade associations as well as professional associations. The people of ETCoLaw speak a number of languages, including English, Malay, Chinese Putonghua, Japanese Nihongo, and French.

Moreover, ETCoLaw’s memberships of international Bar Associations allow ETCoLaw to leverage on and collaborate with other law firms across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond on cross-border transactions in addition to ETCoLaw’s existing network with other law firms in Malaysia.

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